'Narcissistic' Mourinho a bad fit for United - Dunphy

2018-03-14 21:50:53

RTÉ soccer analyst Eamon Dunphy believes that Jose Mourinho is a bad fit at Manchester United and accused the manager of being 'narcissistic’.

Mourinho raised eyebrows in the aftermath of his side’s Champions League defeat to Sevilla last night when he gave a rambling press conference, defending himself and his tactics.

United limped out of Europe on a hugely disappointing night for the club as they lost 2-1 to a side they were widely expected to beat.

Afterwards the United boss insisted that it was "not the end of the world" and added "I don't think the performance was bad."

He also listed the times that he was responsible for United going out of the Champions League, referencing his victories over the club as manager of Porto and Real Madrid.

Dunphy took particular issue with that approach from Mourinho and hit out at the United boss: "He's narcissistic; it's all about him, everything’s about him," he said.

"First of all football is a team game and you want to share the good times and the bad times with your players.

"And also it’s a reference to defeats that he inflicted on Manchester United at Old Trafford in the Champions League on a night when a team of journeymen had beaten them and there was plenty of evidence on the pitch that he’d made mistakes in his team selection.

"It was bad taste, bad timing and I would say, what would Ferguson think? What would Bobby Charlton think? What would Man United fans think?

"I think in all three cases, they’d prefer to have another coach. That’s my view, he’s not a good fit."

"He's narcissist, it's all about him," Eamon Dunphy does not believe that Jose Mourinho is the right fit for Manchester United #rtesoccer #manutd #united #mourinho pic.twitter.com/YmTIxH6QM7

March 14, 2018

Dunphy believes that Mourinho got it wrong with his team selection and approach to the game, as the United boss opted to play two defensive midfielders at home to a club that has lost 11 league games this season and has a negative goal difference.

"Last night was crying out for tempo and good football. Juan Mata played really well against Liverpool – dropped.  Fellaini goes in for instead of Mata.

"Just in that single decision alone he betrayed what he’s about and what he thinks.

"Being manager of Manchester United or Real Madrid or Barcelona, you have a responsibility to play the game the way it should be played, by those clubs traditions and to favour quality rather than putting the boot in."

"Mata for Fellaini, as soon as I saw the team sheet last night I thought - problem."

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