Chelsea legend Dider Drogba reveals he will retire at the end of the season

2018-03-12 15:42:28

Chelsea legend Didier Drogba has confirmed he will retire from football at the end of the season.

Currently playing with Phoenix Rising in America, the 40-year-old has been Stateside since 2015.

And he has now confirmed he will hang up his boots at the end of the campaign.

He told Telefoot: "It's really a pleasure for me to play.

"I started late at the top level. I really enjoy playing. I like my role of owner-player a lot.

"I'm surrounded by a lot of youngsters, and I like passing my know-how on to them. But this season is the last. I'm 40, it's time now."

There has also been talk of the player returning to Marseille in a non-playing role, but the Ivorian is unsure if anything will materialise.

"We'll have to see what is offered. I'm always ready to help," said Drogba.

"In any case, Marseille are showing good things this year. Rudi Garcia's project is taking shape, they're building a team with young players. It's excellent to stay in the top three with a team like that. As a fan, I have a lot of faith in them."

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