'I think it's time' - Redknapp tells talkSPORT he believes Wenger should walk

2018-03-02 12:38:39

Harry Redknapp has admitted he would walk away from the Arsenal job if he was Arsene Wenger .

The Gunners boss has come under increasing pressure after losing three games in a week, including the Carabao Cup Final to Manchester City – the same team they lost to on Thursday night.

Calls for Wenger to leave have only increased as a result, but the former Tottenham boss admitted the situation the Frenchman finds himself in is ‘sad’.

However, when asked on the Alan Brazil Sports Breakfast if he would walk away at the end of the season, Redknapp said: “Yeah, I think I would.

“I think he has been fantastic; he’s had a great career at Arsenal.

“It’s sad; he’s been a great manager for Arsenal, won so many trophies.

“To see him finish like this, I think it’s time. He’d get a great last couple of months to the season, the fans would be great towards him and he’d go away with great pride in what he’s done with what he’s achieved over the years and they can prepare for next year.

“The club needs, and I hate to say it because I hate to see any manager lose his job and he’s been a top manager, but the time has come for a change.”

Arsenal are sixth in the Premier League, although the difference in points between them and Chelsea in fifth is the same as Burnley in seventh – a mere eight points either way.

While Champions League football looks set to elude the red half of north London once again, Redknapp believes the right appointment could provide a catalyst for success next season.

“It needs brightening up, it needs a lift, a different voice, the same thing every day – they come in for training and they know what to expect,” he added.

“If someone new comes in now, maybe you would give the place a real buzz, give it a lift – a different regime, a different way of doing things, different training methods - I think that’s what he needs.”

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