Guardiola is a chequebook manager, and Wenger’s spending at Arsenal proves it

2018-02-25 13:34:16

Pep Guardiola is hoping to win his first silverware as Manchester City manager on Sunday afternoon with the most expensively assembled squad in football history.

The Carabao Cup final, which you can listen to LIVE on talkSPORT , pits City against Arsenal at Wembley in a match where there is a £420m difference in valuation between the two groups of players.

Pep Guardiola’s squad has been assembled for £777m - the most expensively built squad in the history of the game - while Arsenal’s squad value is just £357m.

This statistic is eye opening in a lone capacity, but another financial review also sheds further light on Guardiola’s distressingly monumental spending since his arrival at the Etihad.

In total, Guardiola has bought £478m worth of players since his arrival in the Premier League , with a total net spend of £371m.

This dwarfs Wenger’s spending at Arsenal since his arrival in English football back in 1996 - 21 years ago.

The Frenchman has spent just £349m net in his entire spell at Arsenal, meaning Guardiola has spent more in 21 months than Wenger has in over two decades.

If City do end up winning the Carabao Cup today, thus securing Guardiola his first silverware in English football, it will be an achievement for the Spaniard.

However, there will be almost nothing impressive about the achievement given Guardiola has built a squad of the best players in the world by doing hardly anything other than spending huge money on the best players in the world.

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