Watch: Shocking brawl and ridiculous red cards see game abandoned in Brazil

2018-02-19 11:42:58

There was a sight to behold on Sunday evening for fans of Brazilian football .

A derby between Vitoria and Bahia had to be abandoned with just 11 minutes remaining, with the score tied at 1-1.

A mass punch-up started after Vinicius equalised for Bahia, cancelling out Denilson’s earlier strike.

His celebration was rather over the top, and caused the Vitoria keeper to charge at Vinicius and confront him.

Cue a brawl behind the goal which saw substitutes run onto the pitch, punches thrown - and mass entertainment for the crowds.

Five players were sent off in the immediate aftermath - three from Bahia and two from Vitoria - and then each side had another player dismissed moments later when the fighting found its way to the terraces.

A relatively peaceful quarter-of-an-hour followed, before Uillian and Bruno were both shown red cards in the space of three minutes.

This reduced Vitoria to six men, and as seven are required on each team to continue a match, the referee had to end the game with just over 10 minutes remaining.

You can watch highlights of all the incidents below…

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