Explained: This is why United and City buy the best players but Chelsea can't

2018-02-18 12:49:20

Chelsea only have one advantage over the two Manchester clubs when it comes to buying players in the transfer market.

This is the opinion of Graeme Souness, the Liverpool icon, who believes Manchester United and Manchester City would almost always be able to sign the best players now - something Chelsea cannot do.

United are called ‘the biggest club in England’, while Souness says ‘City have arguably the richest family in the world supporting them’.

And despite Roman Abramovich being something of a catalyst for the modern money-dominated football world when he arrived at Stamford Bridge in 2003 - Chelsea spent over £100m in the first transfer window following his takeover - the Blues are no longer financial powerhouses.

Abramovich has overseen the change to a more viable process of selling players for profit before buying, and in net spend tables Chelsea rank well below the two Manchester clubs.

And because of this financial limitation, Souness feels there is only one reason players would choose to join Chelsea over Man United or Man City - their location.

In his Sunday Times column, Souness writes: “It doesn’t seem so long ago that Chelsea were the biggest spenders and Sir Alex Ferguson was making noises about United not being able to keep up with them.

“Now it has turned and, whatever criteria you use, United are the biggest club in England, while City have arguably the richest family in the world supporting them.

“It’s only a matter of time before City win the Champions League . If not this year, it will happen soon. They are set for a period of dominance because they have a manager who knows what he is doing and can buy the best out there.

“That is no longer the case for Chelsea. The only advantage they have over the Manchester clubs now is that some players want to live in London.”

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