Liam Brady explains to talkSPORT why Arsenal rejected eight-year-old Harry Kane

2018-02-13 14:39:52

Liam Brady has told talkSPORT nobody could have predicted that Harry Kane would go on to become one of the world’s best strikers after he was released by Arsenal at the age of eight.

The Gunners' former academy director admitted in an interview on Monday that Kane was let go by the club as ‘he was a bit chubby and not very athletic’.

You’d be searching for some time to find a decision which has backfired on a club more – Kane eventually joined rivals Tottenham at the age of 11 and within ten years he was scoring goals for fun at the top level.

Now, a 24-year-old Kane is a two-time Premier League golden boot winner, has scored 101 Premier League goals and has a record of seven goals in seven games against the Gunners.

Brady joined talkSPORT on Tuesday to explain why the striker was deemed not good enough at Arsenal, and he told Jim White: “We had a department within a department who made decisions on the young boys like that, they were pre-academy and we had to make decisions on which boys were coming in.

“When Harry popped a good few years later, I asked why he was let go. The answer was that he wasn’t that athletic and a little bit chubby, but it was obviously a bad call, a bad judgement.

“But you could say that Harry was never a boy wonder. He’s had to work very hard to get to where he is now. It took him a long time to get a chance at Spurs, he went on loan to three or four clubs and didn’t exactly pull up any trees there.”

Arsenal should perhaps take a share of the credit for the player Kane is now.

The Spurs hero himself recently admitted that it was that rejection by the Gunners which became the driving force behind his will to succeed at Tottenham, a club he now loves and is desperate to win major silverware for.

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But Brady says another man ‘deserves great credit’ for Kane’s development, the manager who first gave him his real chance to shine for Spurs – former academy and later senior manager Tim Sherwood .

He added:  “It was the faith of Tim Sherwood when he got the job at Spurs, he knew the kid really well and he gave the lad his chance.

“He hasn’t looked back since. He’s turned into one of the best players in the world.

“You never know with a young player until you give them a chance. Andre Villas-Boas wasn’t really prepared to give him a chance, but Sherwood was.

“He deserves great credit, as well as the lad, because that’s really what set Harry on this momentous journey he’s on.

“He is a great example to everybody around him, a great example to all the kids at Tottenham and kids anywhere.

“He knows that once upon a time he was not considered the best, but he kept working at it and kept looking after himself, and it’s certainly paid dividends.”

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