Barton: This is why it will end in tears for 'Lotto louts' Man United

2018-02-12 10:47:03

Jose Mourinho is not the right fit for Manchester United , Ed Woodward is a space cadet who overspends on players, and it will all end in tears at Old Trafford.

That’s the damning verdict from Joey Barton, with the Sports Breakfast co-host claiming United have fallen miles behind rivals Manchester City since Sir Alex Ferguson and David Gill departed the club in 2013.

United have not won the Premier League in five years and Mourinho, who took charge in 2016, is no closer to ending their title drought as his side trail their neighbours by 16 points with 11 games left to play of this season.

Barton, speaking after the defeat to Newcastle on Sunday , said: "I don’t think he [Mourinho] is the fit for them.

"Everytime there is a negative performance, a negative result, the fans [say] 'this isn’t the United way, we don’t play like this, he is not our kind of manager'.

"I don’t think he has done anything to endear himself to the Man United faithful. I don’t think he is a perfect fit."

Barton also took aim at executive vice-chairman Woodward, claiming the club have turned into 'Lotto louts' and changed for the worse since he replaced David Gill.

"Ed Woodward is a space cadet," the former Premier League ace continued. "The fact he has got himself involved in a Dutch auction and given [Alexis] Sanchez the money he has given Sanchez and I think they pay over the top all the time for players all the time.

"When David Gill and that regime was there, the attraction of playing for Man United was the big thing, whereas now they are just outspending. They are like Michael Carroll and the Lotto louts, outspending everybody.

"If they don't sort it out quickly it is going to end up in tears for them because they are they are so far behind the team on the opposite side of the city."

“I don’t think José fits.” “Ed Woodward is a space cadet!” “It could all end in tears.” @Joey7Barton believes things could get worse before they get better at #MUFC ... — Alan Brazil (@SportsBreakfast) February 12, 2018

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