Arsenal's lack of mettle will let them down against physically dominant Spurs

2018-02-10 11:48:10

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Tottenham's physicality may give them the edge when they host the Gunners in the north London derby, according to battle-hardened former Man United defender Rio Ferdinand .

Ferdinand played in an era when you'd be nursing serious war wounds after an encounter against Arsenal , but he feels that is not the case anymore.

“When I played against Arsenal back in the day, they had a big strong presence in [Patrick] Vieira, [Martin] Keown, [Tony] Adams and [Emmanuel] Petit; guys with a great attitude and people who could intimidate you not only physically, but also when they had the ball," he told the Weekend Sports Breakfast on talkSPORT.

“I just think they’ve really gone away from that in the last few years and I don’t understand it.

"They’re great technicians and have people that are fantastic on the ball in [Henrikh] Mkhiratyan, [Mesut] Ozil and [Jack] Wilshere etc, but you need that bit of mettle in the team, someone who can actually guide the team physically and won’t get intimidated and this Spurs team fall into that category.

“They are a team that are physically dominant and showed that at Anfield last weekend in the latter stages of the game whereas Liverpool went the other way and I think Arsenal will maybe fall into that category."

However, Ferdinand stressed that the talent possessed by the more creative players in Arsene Wenger's team certainly doesn't count for nothing.

“I would say that this Arsenal team have the capability to blow any team away in the first 15 or 20 minutes of the game," he explained. "But physically you’ve got to be able to fight in the Premier League .”

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