Liverpool player in squad for Southampton game despite sending-off this week

2018-02-09 18:50:08

Adam Lallana is back in the Liverpool squad for the Reds' trip to the midfielder's former club Southampton , despite his sending-off in the under-23s' defeat at Tottenham on Monday,

Lallana is eligible for selection as his suspension does not apply to first-team fixtures, despite his irate reaction to a bad challenge.

The midfielder has endured an injury-hit season and manager Jurgen Klopp admits part of his reaction was probably due to frustration.

"It is not the most lucky season and of course there is a kind of frustration in him," said the Reds boss.

"There is nothing good to say about the reaction but as a former footballer when I saw the other challenge then to be honest I understand a little bit.

"It is not to excuse it but, when we played football , we all did things we were not proud of and as long as no-one is seriously injured afterwards after a few days no-one will speak about it again."

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